Saturday, January 16, 2010

coco before chanel, before the movie

review of Coco Before Chanel: This movie with french subtitles has sewing and fashion scenes too fun for words that left me wanting much more, but worth seeing the movie (maybe again). The drama and party scenes not so much but Coco's life was very interesting and provided a wonderful subject and plot.... as in, you can't make this stuff up!!! The french actress who played coco, audrey tatou (photo below), portrayed the icon to the hilt, rail thin and pretty and tough, as the real coco chanel, she resembled Coco and could certainly carry the fashions. It was interesting that Coco was an orphan along with her sister. The beautiful scenery, historical costumes, and all french aspects were really fun. coco's dashing boyfriend was very handsome (photo below)! I found this a very entertaining movie. Of 5 stitches, rick gave it 3 and I gave it 4.

shots from the movie:
Scenes of Coco cutting fabric were my absolute faves

Coco's gorgeous coat with scroll shoulder and cuff detail, and her sister by contrast, in neck to ankles lace at the races

Coco and her British boyfriend walk on beach

Coco in signature strands of pearls hemming

Coco in menswear, and her sister by contrast, not

Coco hems a floor length velvet dress, in a beautifully tailored appropriate dress

Altering clothes with her sister, her day job

Coco smokes and pins a sleeve to the bodice

happy Coco in a little black dress

cute actress audrey tatou, in an adorable dress with amazing lines


Some images of coco herself

Coco in one of her classic suits