Friday, September 11, 2015

Seasonings... Greetings!

If you're like me and strapped for cupboard space in your kitchen, as I am in my 719 sq ft house, maybe you've been wracking your brain too trying to figure out how to store your seasonings. The seasonings you need and purchase, love and use... in a manner that makes good sense and is easy to get to. I honestly looked and looked for ideas online. I found some. I liked the idea of using spent Tic Tac containers (photo) but I've yet to finish one container and they don't hold much. Other alternatives I found were very good as well, such as: attach large cookie sheet to inside of door, and use magnets and metal spice containers, hidden away, clever. But again too pricey for my liking. I'm nothing if not keep it simple and practical. I got this idea from the small ziploc bags I get at my local market for bulk spices. Once I had the materials, putting all my spices in bags, and labelled took an hour or two. Here's what I used: small 4x5 zip loc plastic bags off eBay for about 4 bucks, small white labels and a pen. Now I have my spices (about 20) in these bags, I can see easily how much I have, I can write a purchase date on the sticker, and stored, they fit into a small plastic box on a shelf. Easy peasy!