Monday, May 25, 2009

Bon jour y como esta?

To celebrate big-big-big five-oh b-days this year rick and i are spending four days in paris and 10 in barcelona - leaving thursday. we've been to paris before, will stay in the same cute studio of miss naomi benamy near the slightly menacing voltaire statue in the 3rd arrondissement, greatly situated again - wondering what he's thinking - and then south to barcelona staying near the beach, near the ramblas - where we've never been. Huge trip, ought to be relaxing, noting our milestones, mileposts, markers, decades, diamond anniversaries, 7th wedding anniversary, celebrating, eating, walking tons in our keens, enjoying sights, sounds, smells, views, peoples, cultures, foods, crafts, churches, etc.

I hope to post more frequently when i return, but have been otherwise occupied trying to earn money and enjoying the nice weather here. i have lots of crafts projects to post, wip's, naturally sewn, sustainable, for home and us. take care ~jeannine