Monday, February 8, 2010

Claire McCardell American Sportswear

Designer Claire McCardell: 1940's American Sportswear Hero

Have you heard of her?
I had not until very recently and she was amazing!

Claire McCardell had a comfortable sophistication

If you can find one of her swimsuits... buy it!
They are worth good money

Details she liked - wrap ties, interesting necklines, gathers for comfort and flattering fit

Claire designed under the Townley label for a time

This ad is super cool isn't it??!!

A pretty dress - her clothes still so modern!
Note the neckline, cool stripes, and small button closure on left bodice

McCardell loved draping and jersey

This dress reflects her other life in the country on her farm
Pretty neckline and in her day, new and fresh

Again lines and angles

left: the diaper bathing suit - kinda cute, definitely looks comfortable
right: the apron/cleaning wrap that actually came with a rag in the pocket!

Claire designed beautiful simple eveningwear

at her sketchpad - so cute with her pretty hair up

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