Thursday, February 25, 2010


i've so badly needed some new shorts for bedtime. i am a cute shorts and tank wearer. everyone was tired of my nightly comfy yet a little worn lightweight red cotton pants and cuter tank tops, and I don't blame them. i took one nightie barely used (bought for a weekend with my honey) in pale green and tiny rosebuds, then fingered thru my stash and found one of my fave ebay purchases - a sheer pale pink with tiny retro cowboys and their lassoes. had to be judicious as i cut into both fabrics. i didn't have large pieces in the green knit. lightbulb? i decided to use the 2 fabrics together and try to swap each front and back. visions can drive you nuts, no? after 1/2 hour of pinning and unpinning and repinning and staring at the layout, then looking down at my own pants, i finally figured out how to put them together using my noodle without resorting to a McCall's or Vogue pants pattern ... for instruction. yay, major victory! here's the fabric as currently laid out. I think i will try a different pocket - i mean what do you pockets for when you're sleeping??!!

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