Tuesday, March 2, 2010

sew-ly amazing

Marimekko fabric
sewing grows on you...

share what you love about sewing. I'd love that.

Such a satisfying hobby, sewing is. truth be told it can also be maddeningly frustrating at times, filled with worm belly lows, frumpy failure, and the type of vanishing money that swirls down the tub drain and disappears with a few glug-glugs at the end. But, there are new discoveries aplenty for the adventurous and creative soul. For myself from the time I watched my mom cajole her old Singer to wondrous results - wonderful memories of things she sewed for me - to my moody pouts as I botched a project or ripped out yet another seam. But I stuck with it, turned to other activities, and returned again and again. I spent many an afternoon turning page after page of pattern books at the fabric store down the street, drooling over pictures and patterns, and knew all the Vogue models by heart. I had my favorites in the 1980s of course!


I've found a new sewing magazine simply called Stitch. It is published quarterly by a crafts publishing house in Loveland Colorado . I recommend it, the last issue focused on ethnic-inspired sewing businesses - in the u.s., japan and europe ~ i love that stuff. also a look at finland's great Marimekko fabric empire and its awesome founder Armi Ratia. More about that below!

Stitch magazine is pricey at $14 but it's a quarterly, includes lots of neat patterns and loads of style to boot to polish one's own style.

Fall 2009 issue

Tricia Waddell, the magazine's editor, writes a terrific article in the issue though I can't remember which one darnit. ha, I remembered. It's a pretty duvet and sham set - she is good at color. she made the duvet using an Indian silk sheet, with a contrast silk square in the center. i found some Indian sheets on the internet that ran about $90.

Tricia Waddell

More about Armi. Her look in this photo sears right thru the camera lens and makes you feel like you screwed up something doesn't it? But she's awfully impressive looking. Marimekko was founded in 1951 by Armi and her husband Viljo when Armi asked some of her artist friends to apply their mojo to textiles.

Armi Ratia

To show the bold, colorful fabric's possibilities, she designed some simple dresses using the fabric. Hugely influential company - scandinavians still follow and love the style vibe of Marimekko, personally witnessed in Amsterdam :)

Today's Marimekko is found at http://www.marimekko.fi/eng

vintage Marimekko dresses

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