Sunday, March 14, 2010

drama in a dumb belt

one day a peacock, next day a feather duster

mostly i enjoy working out sewing problems. I can make things more complicated than they should be sometimes and take eons to finish sewing projects. oh well

i am making a fabric belt using vintage feedsack fabric with a small print. i was INTO collecting feedsack fabric a few yrs back.

I used 1" nylon strap for structure same fabric on both sides. i added a strip of burlap for structure in the middle but it turned out too thick for the 1" D rings i have.

the last belt i made was perfect in terms of how I think a fabric belt ought to feel. it's important to try to get that right. is that crazy? That belt was wider and had only burlap and interfacing for structure. i think maybe nylon strapping is intended for bag handles and backpack straps, and not belts ya think??!

Belt is needed for a pair of green fine wale cords found at a consignment shop. fine wale corduroy is not what I'd call robust. brand is Sitwell which i discovered is an anthropologie brand. these are crawling toward the goodwill sack, but i love them and want to help. waist sits down on on my hips and they slip down without a belt.

Long-term? Fix waist, copy pattern, toss em. no idea if I could extend the crotch length successfully.

right rear pocket, zipper opening on the right!

metal zippers add weight on pant legs so they swing

scoop pockets

short-waisted (photo closest to actual colors)

final step: D rings

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