Saturday, August 7, 2010

one sleepy bird

Last night, sugar wanted to hit the sack before the six o'clock news... before thoughts of sleep or rest or weighty lids had even entered penny's mind... before the sun had yawned or dimmed or sunk even a bit. Last nite sugar said enough is enough for a single day, to be continued in the morn. she'd listened to classical music since dawn, chewed perches, jumped, hopped, and flown, and she desired no more. no more tightly banked flights around a small living room... no more preening, bickering and negotiating with her roommate... no more nagging pangs tempting her to hop and sidestep perches and rungs down to a yellow dish to crack more seeds. Sugar was pooped and her bed was beckoning. As was her nightly ritual she first jumped into her swing, as the cage was wiped down and new sheets of newspaper laid below. But tonight she and her swing leaned to one side, she simply closed her little eyes asleep, with fairy's dust sprinkled about

i was amazed and surprised to see my last post was April 1st!!! our new house and yard have been taking all my free time and energy for 4 months it seems! but lately i've been wanting to get back to my old routine. this photo of sugar was so cute i wanted to write a little bit about her. she actually hasn't been her usual self the past few days, but she just has a little bug and was back to her noisy demanding queen-like ways shortly...

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Maggie May said...

aww! we used to have a green and a blue bird parakeet, Bert and Andy :) they were so sweet. when one died, the other died within a month.