Wednesday, October 20, 2010

my very own torso block!

I've started down a new sewing garden path in a 3-class course called Pattern Construction at the local fab store. finally found an excellent teacher who talks about clothing construction and is trendy, who walks the talk. She is a young up and coming independent designer in Seattle, check her out at Kelly Flynn. She is quite talented. anyways i am slowly making my own torso block - this is so greek to me so thanks for your patience and my not figuring out or finding this all out before. But we do things as we are ready, countless things, life things. Light bulbs were going on all over the place with talk of moving darts around... different shapes for practically every part on the torso for each person... and creating each bodice piece simply by draping muslin - ultimately creating the same pieces I've unfurled and stared at countless times in commercial patterns. It's easy but it's not so easy, ya know? I keep having to back up and re-do steps, but I can get this. I have to finish the bodice portion before I move on to the sleeve, and completing my very own torso block. YAY!!!


I am petite on top so the bust and front darts are small; seems like more curvy shaped girls can play with the dart placement more but I am still lucky. I need to work on my neck and armhole shapes, and I was short on the side seams so I added 1.5" strips of muslin but I am not sure that will work, and may have to cut out a new front piece.


I also have a small back and small waist so we went with 2 smaller darts on
either side of center back rather than 2 huge darts


Maggie May said...

learning to create clothing like this is awesome

cottonjens said...

Thanks maggie, clothing construction is hard to do well for me anyways. i have since pulled back quite a bit since this post, given away lots of sewing stuff, and our 2nd BR is now a reading and relaxing room, and I am very happy about that.